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    Elite Hockey Academy

    The Elite Hockey Academy provides the best exposure and development for amateur players.
    Many of our players go on to compete in prep school, USHL, NCAA, and NHL.

    - Skaters are allowed to enter the building 15 minutes prior to ice time, through the front door.
    - Everyone's temperature will be taken prior to entering the building - including players, adults, and  staff.  Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will not be allowed into the building.
    - Do NOT come if you feel ill. 
    - Masks must be worn by EVERYONE including players - fully covering the mouth and nose prior to entering and exiting the building.  Masks should be worn into, and while in, locker rooms. 
    - Must maintain 6ft distance between each other, including on benches.
    - Skaters must exit 10 minutes after ice time through the back doors of the arena. (See posted signs).
    - No parents are allowed in rink & building EXCEPT for parents of SQUIRTS & YOUNGER.  For Squirts and younger, 1 guardian per child is allowed in rink & building.
    - NO SHARING OF WATER BOTTLES.  Please bring your own.
    - No congregating inside or outside of the building. 
    - Must follow traffic arrows on lobby floor and posted signage. 
    - Skaters will be assigned to locker rooms upon entry - doors will be propped open. Please limit time in locker rooms.  Arrive dressed if possible. 
    - Must sign waiver.  
    - ALL Elite Hockey Academy SKATERS MUST COMPLY WITH