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What is Elite Hockey Academy?

Why an online learning platform is an effective strategy for Elite Academy student-athletes.

The online learning platform allows Elite Hockey Academy student-athletes the opportunity to complete the necessary approved NCAA compliant course work while balancing the demands of a heavy athletic schedule. 

  • Flexible scheduling access 24/7 to all course work
  • Courses lead by a certified teacher that is a committed online teacher.
  • Weekly 1 on 1 student meetings with the teachers and the ability to schedule additional sessions as need.
  • Playing catch-up and sacrificing the student’s GPA is no longer a concern. 

We understand that developmentally teenagers are still in the process of figuring out strategies necessary to reach optimal student success. For this reason, Elite Academy has committed to creating an Academic Success Center where the student-athletes meet each day to work on their courses.  The Academic Success Center is the flagship that we feel sets us apart from all other AAA hockey programs. Our commitment to the players’ academic success is as much as a focus as their hockey success! 


Academics is the gateway to hockey

The academic success center provides workshops, courses, tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic coaching, and daily guidance to maturing students navigating their education and goal setting in an environment far from home.

Young Hockey Players Celebrating - Elite Hockey Academy

Academic Coaching

The academic success center staff is in the uniquely privileged position to be with the students Monday-Friday 8am - 3pm.  This allows us to truly get to know each student-athlete in such a way that no brick and mortar school environment would allow. We are able to guide the students through success and bumps in the road, showing them that forward progress and development are the key goals. Plans and approaches are tailored to the individual needs of each learner. 

Signature Programs

Peer tutoring: Building on our commitment to teamwork, Elite Academy fosters the leadership of proficient students to guide and tutor 

Leadership: Our students are challenged to develop their leadership skills. Students are afforded opportunities to facilitate team meetings. Leadership is a culmination of skills such as integrity and accountability. We begin by guiding older students the importance of being role models for younger students. 

Community Service: Elite Academy student-athletes participate in a variety of community service experiences designed to develop awareness.

Field Trips: We believe that learning is enhanced by experience. Whether a trip to the science center or visiting New Haven taking advantage of offerings at Yale, our students return to their home state with new perspectives.  

Capstone Projects: 12th grade and PG students have the opportunity to pursue a capstone project based on their interests.     

Goal Development & Guidance: Each student is assigned an academic coach that will meet with them 1 on 1 at least twice per week. This relationship is key to student success. The coach is there to offer skill development, strategy and guidance.  

Post Grad Year: Postgrad students are fully supported and guided as part of the Elite Academy. These students are interested in seeking an additional year to mature and develop their athletic and academic strengths.

Academic Advantage

The Elite Hockey Academy is the Best of Both Worlds as one of the most unique student-athlete experiences that combine elite Tier I Hockey with a NCAA approved Academy education (8th-PG).  There are few programs in the nation that works that offer a “Complete Development Model”.  The amount of player development and individual attention our student-athletes receive in our environment is second to none.
Many of our players participate in our Elite Academy, which is partnered with Odysseyware Academy. This virtual school component is unique to our program in that we offer structure and support Monday through Friday with full time on-site academic coaches. The virtual school allows our players to receive 1on1 attention while also taking their academics with them when they travel to games & showcases. 
Click here to learn more about Odysseyware Academy.
According to a 2009 meta-study from the Department of Education: Students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction. Students who mix online learning with traditional coursework (i.e. blended learning) do even better.²