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The Elite Prep Academy: Who We Are

By EHP, 12/06/18, 12:45PM EST


December 5, 2018

New Haven, CT – The Elite Prep Academy (EPA) is where student-athletes come to find a college that matches their academic and athletic interests. The goal of EPA is to deliver an innovative program that encourages student athletes to learn, grow and develop their skills in the classroom and on the ice. 

The EPA weekly schedule follows elite levels of hockey like NCAA Division I, USHL, and NAHL, so our players can be better prepared for the higher levels. From September to March the EPA program conducts class and on-ice skill training at the Northford Ice Pavilion in Northford, Connecticut, four times per week. Players receive over 100 hours of extra instructional on-ice skill development, over 30 hours of speed/strength training sessions and NCAA compliant curriculum and full time academic support from a certified head teacher. 

There are several benefits built into the EPA structure. First, it offers both academic teamwork and an online learning platform. The teamwork is essential in helping transition students to an environment they will encounter in college while the online learning & communication platform prepares them for the work world they will enter once they graduate. Second, the EPA environment is proctored and administered by a licensed teacher and experienced academic professional, supported by qualified tutors in specific subjects as needed. Third, the EPA experience adds team competitions, local field trips, and in-class debates to both reinforce and enrich the academic experience. 

“The Academy has developed me both in the classroom and on the ice by showing me the true definition of accountability, hard work, and determination,” said Evan Brown, 16U Elite Hockey Program forward from Nashville, Tennessee. 

The EPA is also administered by an experienced teacher who also has been a hockey player and coach for numerous years. This combination allows the teacher to have a unique position to influence the students' academic progress. There are many situations in hockey like accountability, work ethic, overcoming obstacles, teamwork, etc. that translate directly into the classroom. The teacher's understanding of both environments helps connect the students to the reality and similarity between effort and performance in the class and on the ice.  

“I have been an educator and lifelong learner in all of my careers.  I have played professionally, and have also coached players who have reached the highest levels of success, so I understand both the players' goals and the road they are travelling,” said Mitch Brown, the certified head teacher of the EPA. “I am fortunate to have found an environment where I can combine my teaching, hockey and business experience. I have a unique opportunity to positively influence the next generation of leaders and supreme hockey players.”

“Mitch Brown has been nothing but excellent assistance to us, whether it comes to questions concerning a certain subject in school or even regarding outside the classroom,” said Aidan Coupe, 16U Elite Hockey Program player from Phoenix, Arizona.

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