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Players Journal - Transitioning Away From Home

By Quinlan Parry, 16U Defense #64, 10/27/23, 10:45AM EDT


By: Quinlan Parry, 16U Defense #64
From: Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
The transition from my home in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, has gone really well. I was extremely lucky to be placed in an amazing billet home, with fellow Canadians and the coolest billet “mom” in West Haven. She and her boyfriend Steve have been out of this world, bringing us fishing and to college hockey games. My roommates Felix Charette and Ethan Anderson are rapidly becoming my brothers. Notre Dame High School has really helped me integrate into this new environment. My teachers are incredibly supportive and constantly bringing the best out of me, both as a person and a student. My teammates and I are always together developing strong bonds and an amazing team spirit, something that is so highly encouraged at school and at the rink. On the ice, I’m trying my best everyday to get better. The coaching staff has been fantastic and I can’t thank them enough for what they do day in and day out. 
Coming from a small town in Quebec Canada, I rarely experienced going out to football games, large malls or my new personal favorite Dave & Busters. This is now my 4th high school in 4 years. I’m used to change, but this time it was much bigger than before - I moved countries in the hopes of one day playing NCAA hockey. Thankfully my coaches, my teammates, and my teachers have made me feel welcomed, comfortable and thrilled to be playing for EHA.