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ALDEN SKILLS // Winter // Drop-in Skill Sessions & Clinics!

By MORE SKILLS , 11/18/22, 4:45PM EST


Winter // Drop-in Skill Sessions & Clinics



Drop-in skills sessions are the perfect supplemental option to tighten up deficiencies and continue to work on targeted areas of emphasis. These sessions are great skill development hours fueled with purpose and passion. Sessions are built with sub-groups of similar age & ability players to ensure that all players are receiving quality repetitions.



• Improve your shooting accuracy

• Cultivate a quicker release

• Develop a more powerful shot


Power Skating:

• Improve your explosiveness around tight turns

• Develop a more explosive skating stride

• Increase your breakaway speed out of various stops and starts



• Expansion of reach

• Develop quicker hands

• Evasive stickhandling maneuvers


For more information or to confirm a reservation please pre-register or contact, or by phone at 203-444-7634.