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Host Families Wanted for the Elite Hockey Program!

By EHP, 06/06/19, 4:45PM EDT


Guilford, Conn., - It's that time of year again where we are looking for billets to host our players while they are playing for Elite Hockey Program for the 2019-2020 season. 

Players will come player for the Elite Hockey Program from all over the country.  The players ages 18-14 y/o will live live with these billet families in Connecticut from August to March. Billet families are a big part of our program and are crucial to our success as a program. 

"The Elite Hockey Program has made significant progress over the past few years by hosting players from all over the country.  These host families that board our players have helped establish the Elite Hockey Program as a national competitor" Said President, Peter Alden

In order to become a billet, you must first have a background check done. After you pass this background check, the players that are selected to play for our program will be matched with the families that are best suited for each player. Our coaching staff will visit your home periodically throughout the year. This will allow bonding from the coach, player, and for the family that is crucial to our success as a program. 

Billets will be required to provide a bedroom for your player, but you can put more than one in a room as long each player has its own bed. You will be provided a monthly stipend for room and board that is typically $650 - $750 per month.  We also look for you as hosts, to provide the emotional support that our players need throughout the season. 

Where Do Are Players Come From:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Tennessee
  • Alaska
  • South Dakota
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Colorado
  • & More..

Host Families Provide:
1.  Safe environment that will allow the player to develop on and off the ice and in the classroom
2.  Own room or shared room with a second billet player
3.  Room should have a bed, bureau, closet space, chair and basic necessities
4.  Nutritious food for three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or the ability for the player to make his own meals.
5.  Ability to access the internet and use of amenities in home such as TV, radio, washer and dryer, etc.
6.  Have home available to the billet player for length of season, school year or work agreement, as agreed upon by billet player and host family.
7.  House rules for billet player to follow. Billet player must follow the house rules and organizations rules. Organization will take action if they do not.

Players are expected to treat their host family as they would their own, with respect and responsibility, keeping in mind that it is a privilege, not a right to live as a billet.

Billet Players:
1.  Must follow all team and host family house rules and show respect for other host family members.  If any house rules are broken, the player will be released from the Elite Hockey Program.
2.  Provide their own bed and bath linens, personal care items, cell phones, TV/computer and provide for their own transportation.
3.  Must take care of their room, including keeping it clean and doing their own laundry.
4.  Players must notify host family as to their whereabouts and must stay in billet home each night unless they are traveling with their hockey team.
5.  When traveling (away games), players will be responsible for their own meals.
6.  Transportation to and from practices and home games unless other arrangements have been made with billet family.
7.  Players are expected to seek part time employment when not attending school/classes
8.  Monthly payment of $650-$750 to host family on the first of each month as negotiated between the player, host family and Elite Hockey Program.

1.  What is billeting?
Billeting is when a local family welcomes into their home, a visiting player.  The family that offers to help in providing a safe place for the visiting player is called a host family.

2.  Why billet?
Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for the host family and player.  Many families stay in touch with their billets as they move through the university and professional ranks.  

3.  What makes a great billet?
A caring, sensitive and patient family! It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home. Appreciate his uniqueness and understand that a positive experience requires communication and mutual understanding. The host family may be a two-parent family, single parent family and, occasionally an “empty nester”. The common denominator is a desire by the family to make a difference in a player’s life. 

4.  Can a family host more than one player?
Yes! Two (or more) players can share transportation expenses, and often times provide camaraderie for one another.

5.  How long does the billet last?
The length of stay depends on the family and the player.  Some players stay with a family throughout the hockey season, while others arrange to live with the family throughout the calendar year to satisfy academic or employment obligations.  The length of the stay is one of the key determining factors we use to matching billet family and player.

 6.  Is there compensation to the host family?
Yes, families receive a monthly billeting payment for each player from the family of the player. The billet fee for the season will be $650-$750 per month to be paid on the first of each month or another date that is agreed upon between the player family and host family. 

 7.  Who pays if a player is injured or needs medical attention during his stay?
Players must have medical insurance from their own families.  Host families are never responsible for medical payments. If a player needs to go to the urgent care or hospital, the host family or organization can bring the player.

8.  Will my player attend school or have a job?
Yes, all players are required to be enrolled in school, or college level classes or work part time. All of our online school players will attend Elite Prep Academy in Northford for Skills every morning starting at 9:00AM and attend school 11-4:00 PM.

10. What do I do if it doesn’t work out as planned, or my family situation changes?
We ask that if you are ever unable to fulfill all the obligations and commitments to the player, please let us know immediately so we can make other housing arrangements.

11. Will I have to pass a background screening?
 Yes, all members of the host family household, 17 years and older, must pass a background screening and complete the required Safe Sport Training. 

12. When do we start?
 The Midget players (15-18 year olds) will report August 23rd for training camp.  Both groups will be here until late March or first week of April

Reach out to Peter Alden at if you have any questions.